lunedì 25 marzo 2013

Marcius 25. Meg mindig hò.

I don't know if I should start worry about it or just enjoy the moment.
Snow. Snow the 25th of March.
My lovely snow which came to raise up my day. My shity day.
Everything started this morning, at 7:30. And if I consider that when I had to go to school I woke up at 8:50 you could understand how painful it was for me, the first day of the spring break.
But I had to go to school because there were the trial of the english exam.
Or at least it was supposed to be.
Both my brothers had it at the same time 8:45, but I didn't receive any email, so I was there to check.
The first woman at whom we asked for my oral test just got angry because of my surname and she didn't find me in any list.
So we had to go in an other office in my school, where Ati explained that I received a phone call at which I answered saying to be italian and not understand what exactly he was asking me.
But everyone else received an email, so why exactly me??
Anyway there the woman asked who was this "Martina" and I said "it's me" and she got upset because Ati was explaining for me even if I was there, even though she was barely understanding what an hungarian boy was saying.
At least she said us that my oral part was supposed to be at 16:45, so I woke up early for nothing.
I really got angry because everyone treated me so bad just because my brother once in a while was trying to help me. But everytime I try to talk with them they just complained of not understanding trhough my accent.
So, I went home, I saw a lot on NCIS episodes just to start to think in english and not in hungarian and I ate my delicious fish sauce that everybody here seams to hate.
At 13:00 I went out to take my bus for the centre and in that moment in started to snow. It was a really little fall of snow, but still can make me smile. I guess I discovered what the magic dust in made from: it's just snow!
But the magic lasted untill I got into the school. There I felt once again unconfortable and my brothers' friends who stared at me when I was talking in english didn't help me.
Finally we had the written part, which was really simple and even too short for a B2. But the rest of the group seemed to need all the time the teacher gave us.
After I had my oral part and the teachers seemed to be astonished by my fluency. They suggested me to try a C1 exam because I would be able to pass it.
At the end of the exam a teacher asked me if it was normal for italian students to speak such a great english but I explained her that it's more like a survival skill I developped when I arrived here in Hungary.
That was a great moment, even because english has not always been my big friend.
On the way home I found Ati and Csabi on the bus and Ati was strangely happy and eloquent.
Snow continued to fall, everything was of a wonderful and delicate white. White like happiness I guess.

P.S. Ati drawn a smile on my medium nail, so I can send peple to fuck nicely :)

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